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Denis PRUVOST de BIOGE has entrusted me with the task of writing an introduction to his current work.
I am so sensitive to his MANIPULATION OF PICTURES that I am only too willing to comply, it is an almost abstract and yet more and more decipherable blend. He has entitled his approach THE SILENT JOURNEY OF A TRAVELLER WITH NO LUGGAGE.
His haunted space is akin to an artistic trend which may be described as : “the possibility of a new genre…” or “an alternative to the white box and trash-art” (Mme Bailly).
It is an interplay of poetic emotion born of the stressful pressures of pre-birth life, existing reference-marks, and deep personal instincts.
This onirical traveller uses matter which he lays onto rigid supports. He may chisel it, scratch it, partly open it, shape it, or cut it. He captures all sorts of materials : wood, plants, metal-parts, paper, personal drawings, reprocessed photographs, calligraphies. In short, all the elements of reality which belong in his imaginary world. From his pigments, oils, inks, gold and silver make-up powders, flashes luminous and iridescent lightning.

Denis PRUVOST de BIOGE grinds it as far as the eye can see into a reality whose ”seen” is turned into pictures. This universe may be murky or crepuscular in which the “cry” seems to materialise. It may be the breath of a storm or a movement. It may be one picture taken from our current life. The painter uses photographs to produce a tense flow of atmospheres which brings out a sensation shared between the topic, the models, and himself. His close-ups allow the ephemeral beauty of a world in questioning to emerge. Does the latter appear as it really is ? Or does it appear as one would wish it to be ? Is it the horror and illusion of a fleeting moment of happiness or the joy of a life full of hope ? Are we to make a choice or to come to terms with this universe as a whole ?

Here, the fantasy born of the signs of the zodiac creates a farandole of rebuses which act as so many show-cases with the dynamogenic human urges as well as ancient myths on display.

The painter’s imaginary world sometimes takes him on an EMOTION TRIP THROUGH THE MAZE OF BELLES LETTRES.
His pictorial resurgences then form a contemporary symbolic world in which culture blooms in mosaics of pictures whose beauty is a pleasure one just cannot ignore. You are welcome to browse.